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2021 September Fiesta

In Ajijic, the Fiestas Patrias or Independence Day Celebrations include fun-packed days of several events held over two weekends, including the traditional parade and Grito enacted all over Mexico. 

Saturday, Sept

9pm Final Vote and Coronation of the Fiesta Patrias Queen. Ballet Axixic, Youth Mariiachi, Popular Dance

Sunday, Sept

Features the Rebozo Fashion Show at 6pm at the Ajijic plaza with the beautiful women and girls of the village modeling gorgeous traditional as well as modern clothes, with all outfits showcasing rebozos – the classic Mexican women’s shawl which can be used in so many different ways to accent a costume and/or to provide warmth.  Watch for a few Zayacas who always manage to show up to provide their unique wacky humor and model their own rebozos.

If you like, wear a rebozo with your own outfit!

Friday, Sept. 10 Raising of the Flag at the Delegacion and commeration of the Children Heros

Saturday, Sept. 11 

is the very fun Globo Regatta, which features hand-made hot air balloons made 

out of…flammable paper!  They will be constructed largely on site by teams engaging in friendly competition, with the balloons ranging from small and simple to large 

and very complex, and will be continuously launched throughout the show.  The fun begins at 3pm at the Ajijic Soccer field on Revolucion.  Bring a hat for the heat! FREE EVENT

About half of the balloons will crash and burn (fortunately, the rainy season provides for damp ground and much lush greenery), providing a great thrill and opportunity for local boys to act asbomberitos – the little fire fighters, as they chase after the burning remnants and bravely help put them out.

Here are some highlight from YouTube:


Sunday, Sept. 12 

8am Fishing Contest at the Ajijic Malecon

8:30am 5k run beginning at the Ajijic Malecon

Although Sept. 14 is the official “Dia del Charro” (Day of the Horsemen), the date is not a public holiday, so the event is always celebrated the Sunday before Independence Day.  There will be a special “Cowboy Mass” at noon at the San Andres Church followed by a parade of the traditionally costumed, honored, and proud horsemen who played such a vital role in the struggles of the people of Mexico. The Dia del Charro parade begins at 1pm.

The parade will go from the church to 6 Corners and returns via Calle Constitucion to the Lienzo Charro  (Rodeo Ring)  on the east side of town where there will be a Charreada or rodeo featuring roping events along with the Escaramuzas Charras - pre-teen girls who expertly perform spectacular precision riding – sidesaddle - while dressed in beautiful traditional costumes.

As the Lienzo Charro is flanked on either side by the soccer fields, from the upper stands, you will also be able to view the special soccer games held simultaneously.  How Only In Mexico!

The Charreada begins at 3PM at the Lienzo Charro on Calle Revolucion (the tianguis street).

3-7pm on the Plaza features kids’ contests and games and traditional foods, and MORE at the Ajijic plaza at 3-7PM.

8pm Cultural Event at the Ajijic plaza Children's Ballet Axixic

9pm Youth Mariachi at the Ajijic plaza

11pm Grito de Independence Ceremony the major event of this day, the Grito or Cry to the War of Independence, which is re-enacted in plazas and zocalos all over Mexico. The Grito is the quintessential event of the Fiestas Patrias. (mural by Antonio Lopez Vega and can be seen at the Delegación de Ajijic on the plaza)

11:30pm Popular Dance at the Ajijic Plaza Principal.


Sept. 16 is Dia de la Independencia, or Independence Day. 

6am the Raising of the Flag at the Delegacion

10AM is the Independence Day Parade which features drill teams and drum and bugle corps from all the schools, floats, charros, soccer teams, and bandas.  The parade starts at the usual place at Calles Revolucion and Constitucion, where it proceeds to 6 Esquinas and doubles back on Calle Hidalgo to the plaza where the festivities continue throughout the afternoon.  Don’t miss the charros riding their dancing horses!

6pm is the Combate de flores at the Ajijic Plaza, which is not really a Flower Combat but ways for boys and girls to say they like each other. They could get flowers tossed at them or the confetti eggs.

2019 Fiestas Patrias Ajijic

For the past 4 years, Ajijic has also celebrated Fiesta de San Miguel. There will be a procession from Tempisque Street on the mountain side, heading down to seis esquinas and back again, at approx 11am on September 29. This is the patron saint of the San Miguel barrio. 

Thanks to Micky Wendt for previous years of information and photos. (edited and updated by Ajijic News) To be updated if times change.

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