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Ac Tah

Ac Tah Mayan MessengerAc Tah, Mayan Messenger, Returns to Ajijic by Micki Wendt and James Needham

On January 21,2012, Ajijic will experience the rare presence of the Mayan Messenger, Ac Tah, who first visited here to give two conferences in the Fall of 2009. Ac Tah is a direct descendant of a Mayan lineage that held specific ancient knowledge. He was raised by his grandfather and entrusted with wisdom passed down from his ancestors.
Ac Tah was told that his mission in life would be to spread the word of the importance of 2012, which is being widely and extremely misinterpreted by the mass media and modern pundits.

Far from being a prediction of gloom and doom, Ac Tah’s message is one of great hope…IF we human beings take the necessary steps to raise our individual and collective consciousness we can evolve enough to pass through the portal of light, that is arriving in 2012, and move into a new era of peace and harmony on planet earth.

The grave rise in violence in Mexico and throughout the world can be neutralized by us if we seize the opportunity that presents itself only at the end of each 5,125 year cycle, according to the Mayan calendar. Ac Tah will explain how we can do this as well as help us unravel the mysteries of 2012, the planetary alignments, explaining how the universe evolves and the role of human beings in this process. The Mayans have been noted for their extraordinary mathematical and astronomical knowledge. Ac Tah reveals that they had also mastered the science of DNA and what the implications of that are for us today.

Ac Tah Mayan MessengerAc Tah started out by literally walking the North of Mexico visiting the indigenous tribes and was given the name of Caminante Maya, which means the walking Maya. Ac Tah and a small group of supporters stayed wherever they could, sleeping on floors, if necessary. Ac Tah has developed and taught a Mayan Geometry (Labyrinth) which is held monthly, simultaneously in over 50 Mexican locations, including Ajijic.

In the last year, Ac Tah has traveled to the USA twice, and is planning another trip to California after he finishes his current whirlwind journey through 90 locations in Mexico – now, he’s using modern transit! His movement has grown enormously, filling an aching need for people to cope with the fears surrounding 2012, as well as the current state of life on planet Earth.

Ac Tah has written a book “ The Night of the Last Katun “ which has been translated into English (here at Lakeside!) which will be available at his conference. Because of his travels, he now has a strong web presence in addition to his own web sites. He’s also on Facebook and Twitter in Spanish. Please check out the following links for more info:

The following are two excellent, translated interviews with Ac Tah on tour:

Website in English

Website in Spanish

Ac Tah’s Ajijic Conferences will be held on January 21, 2012, Saturday at the Events Room behind the Jardin Restaurant in the Ajijic Plaza. The door to this room is to the left of the restaurant.

One conference with an English translator will be held from 11am – 1pm. The Spanish conference without a translator, will be held from 6pm – 8pm. Unless you are completely fluent in advanced Spanish, plan to attend the English group because many lofty and unusual topics will be covered.

The admission is $90 pesos. Local contacts are 765-4412 and pascualescolima@yahoo.com

Tickets on sale at the following locations: Diane Pearl’s, LCS, Parker Insurance in Riberas, American Legion in Chapala, Angelita’s and El Figon in Ajijic, Homeopathic Blanca’s, Chapala. Look for the poster as well.

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