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Health Article for Ajijic

Health Article for Ajijic

Hangovers can cause horrible short-term suffering. It's no wonder we'll do anything to fix a hangover.

Prickly pear, a cactus found in Arizona, is vastly growing popular because of it's amazing ability to fix a hangover. It's no surprise, the Aztecs started cultivating the plant in Mexico in the early sixteenth century for its medicinal purposes.

Researchers from Tulane University Sciences Center in New Orleans recently proved how this cactus fruit can prevent and fix a hangover. The study couldn't come from a city more familiar with hangovers than New Orleans!

The researchers recruited 64 healthy medical students who had at least one hangover previously, all between the ages of 21 to 35. Certain participants received a placebo, others received the real prickly pear extract. In a 4 hour period they simulated a party, and everyone had anywhere from 5-10 alcoholic drinks.

Boy, that must have been fun! Just not if you received the placebo.

In the study, they discovered three symptoms of a hangover were significantly reduced. These included:

  • Nausea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Loss of Appetite

Overall, the researchers found that the risk of a severe hangover was cut in half. Now just imagine you don't get absolutely hammered, you'd mostly likely wake up with no hangover.

The next question of course is, where do buy prickly pear?!

Since the news that prickly pear can fix a hangover is at the tipping point of the masses finding out, the fruit isn't widely available yet. Check with local health food stores. The best place to find some is on the Internet. Just make sure to find the most natural and organic source possible.

Liam Deantoni is a health expert in very unique and niche fields.

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