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Help! Overflow at the Cat Shelter in Riberas.
Help! OWe currently have a record high of 37 kitties up for adoption. Some of these arrived at the Shelter as kittens and have lived there for a year now. They are desperate to have a home. verflow at the Cat Shelter in Riberas.
They are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and certified as healthy. There is no adoption fee on kittens who are over a year old. These young juvenile kitties make great pets. They are socialized and gentle. For those people not wanting to raise a kitten, these young ones make a terrific companion. And how grateful they would be to have a home.

Bucky and Burton are brothers who grew up in the Shelter. They would be wonderful pets to someone who would like two cats. They are such loving little guys. It would be a shame to separate them.

Blackie is six years old and a darling kitty. His owner had to leave Mexico due to ill health and his loyalty showed no bounds when he was accidentally let out of his new home and spent two months getting back to his old home. His new owner has moved so poor boy, he is back at the Shelter again.

Rocky is an orange marmalade male, found at the garbage dump as a kitten a year ago. He is very healthy and ready to leave the Shelter and really wants a home.

If you are thinking about a companion cat, think about a cat who is a little older. Young kittens are cute but a lot of work. These cats are darling and already on their way to being a wonderful pet. Don't forget that a cat from the Shelter is healthy, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and ready to be your pet.

Call today at the Carreterra on the way to Chapala #212 Riberas del Pillar, just before the Catholic Church or call us at 765-5514. Or email us at petritechapala@gmail.com.

Or visit Lakeside Friends of the Animals on Facebook

Our open hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00-2:00. Closed Sunday.

Give a kitty a happy home and you will be glad you did.

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