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95 in Ajijic
Esther Gilbert of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is 94, and turning 95 on 25 January. But she won’t be celebrating this milestone at home.


Rosemary Grayson

Iconic brothers Romulus and Remus mythically founded Rome, whose culture revolutionised the world.

A new DVD photo/video now available to the Lakeside Area entitled:
SUMMARY: An outstanding informative and entertaining 51-minute DVD photo/video presentation is now available, featuring over 115 different local wildflowers that have been captured on camera in their natural setting throughout the growing season, along with a few short video clips and glimpses of scenic views and activities of the local people.

Costco Home Delivery Expands
Lake Chapala's Personal Assistant has expanded their shopping services and home delivery.

Difference Between Collective and Co-operative Business
In March 2014 Mary Ellen and her partner Mony opened a retail collective that supports local artisans in Ajijic.

Four of the women Lakeside writers of
Four of the women Lakeside writers of "All Our Words Needed Saying", an anthology of stories about women's lives, will read at Open Circle on Dec. 27, 2015, 10:30am. All are welcome.

Come Visit Us In Mazatmilta
Casa "El Encanto"
Our private “Home Restaurant” in Mazamitla, Jal.

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