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Rosemary Grayson

Iconic brothers Romulus and Remus mythically founded Rome, whose culture revolutionised the world.
Iconic brothers Isaac and Esteban Hernandez are now to found a hitherto overlooked culture to revolutionise Mexico.

For Isaac Fernandez, at 26 yer old has risen out of the dust to be one of ballet's biggesst names.

Using his starspangled persona, Isaac now puts stardom and genius to work helping make the dreams of budding yng Mexicons dancers, come true.

Brother Esteban (21) is fast emerging from the same crucible. Both are trailblazers in a coutry that till now has been asleep to the magic of ballet.

Hence the title of the new gala performance 'Despertares ' (Awakenings)" ready to explode on stage for the first time in Guadalajara on July 30th.

Tipped in Forbes magazine last summer as one of the world's the best balletdancers,Isaac was also promouced the ebst in Mexico's history.

He starred in Rusia's Olympic Games closing eremeony He is a 13 time gold medalist . he danced at the world fampus Mariinsky Theatre.He was the youngest lead principal at the English National Ballet.He is the ony Mexican to graduate with highest honours from the Royal Ballet, in London. He is a star on a stratospheric rise to fame.

His dad, his mother, his 9 little sisters and brothers in the backyard were the launching pad.

Just a dozen years ago on a broken concrete floor, the barre his mom's clothes line and the audience their 8
brothers and sisters, Isaac and brother Esateban found their passion.

Yet they entered the hallowed world of ballet casually.

Father Hector and mother Laura were both professional dancers. And dance was the hobby to occupy ten kids.

Now both brothers have put a girdle round the aerth. Isaac has danced in Havana, Moscwo and startlingly too in Jackson Mississippi.

Yet he appeared in Mexico but once, when he was 14 .

Hector warned the youngsters of the profession's hardships and difficulties.

For Esteban to date Germany, Cuba, Russia and the USA, have recognised his talent, with three gand prix,nine gold medals and a silver.

The president of Mexico himself,Felipe Calderon, presented, the then 12 yearold, with The National Youth Award.

Just two years ago with brother Isaac and sister Emilia,they founded the production company ‘Soul Arts Productions’.

It works side by side with 'Releve" their new non profit organisation, to promote maximum impact on society through the arts.

All his success packed into so few years Esteban ascribes to 'a huge family effort '.

Isaac and Esteban want to inspire young people. Their mission is demonstrate by example. “Everything is possible, if you are dedicated and work hard' says Esteban.

Humbly shocked to win a recent top accolade in the Sacamento Latino Spirit Awards he said " I never thought anyone knew I was here."

Those who will now know he and brother Isaac are here at the Telcel Auditorio, will bear witness to a forcast sellout as recently happened uniquely in Mexico City.

Isaac, who is also an internationally acclaimed artistic director is directing and dancing in the production.

His heartstopping torso all over the city's billboards are unmissable.

Audiences should be prepared to swoon a those soaring jumps,the chestnut curls, expert control and fine technique.

June this year saw him take a 10.000 strong standing ovation at London's Albert Hall.The revolution is almost here.

https:// www.facebook.com.soulartsproductions

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