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Ed Tasca’s latest book provides a lot of laughs!
RoseHeart Publishing
CHIEFLAND, FL. – April 25, 2010
Following on the heels of his successful novella, The Fishing Trip That Got Away, local Ajijic humor writer, Ed Tasca, continues his humorous tales of adventure and entertaining escapades in his latest comic novel, Lub Dub. In this hilarious accounting of a heart delivery gone wrong, the comic antics are never-ending.

When Daniel, the driver of a delivery van carrying a donated heart to a transplant center, catches a glimpse of his girlfriend, Vickie, in the arms of another woman, he becomes obsessed with tracking her down for an explanation. Determined to find out what she’s doing, he follows her, which takes him on a wild madcap chase through a gay parade with the brother of the
donor, who is a Shinto priest, on his heels. Confronting his girlfriend, he gets into a shouting match with the “other” woman and the priest steals the heart from under his nose.

Calling in an emergency squad, the accompanying cardiologist demands the cops pursue the criminals to retrieve the heart as time is of the essence and is quickly passing by. Spurred on by the cardiologist and another driver, Daniel gives chase only to encounter a pair of burly bikers who steals the heart from the priest. On a high-speed chase to recover the stolen heart,
he ends up at the home base of the bikers.

Finally retrieving the heart, Daniel speeds to the transplant center with all the characters
hot on his heels. Chaos reigns as time runs out, the patient prepped and surgery performed. As the patient is in danger of rejecting the heart, Vickie saves the day with a single, magnificent
stroke of genius.

Ed Tasca recently won the 2009 Robert Benchley Award for humor, adding to a significant list of other humor awards. His work appears in several humor anthologies such as 2006 America’s Funniest Humor and M. Culbertson’s Laughter in Shorts By Award-winning Writers.

His work has appeared in humor publications in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Lub Dub is his fourth novel. Visit his author website at www.authorsden.com. Contact Ed locally at edtasca@gmail.com
to order any of his works.

Finally, Ed says, “I will sign any book you buy, even if I didn’t write it.”

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