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Sponsors Needed for Orphaned Children
There are currently 30 children at Villa Infantil Orphanage at Lake Chapala, needing sponsors.
These boys and girls from 2-12 years are being raised by three Catholic Nuns, but there is no funding from either the church or government; all the money to keep this orphanage afloat comes from public donations and through the fundraising efforts of a small group, Friends of Villa Infantil.

Your $30 US monthly sponsorship will help to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, education and more for a deserving child. Plus, you are welcome to visit your sponsored child if you wish, and follow their progress. FOVI welcomes child sponsors to attend weekly or monthly visits to serve a nutritious lunch to the kids, as well as other opportunities to get involved. To a young child who has no family, you could be the world. Contact us to find out how: www.friendsofvillainfantil.org

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