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Kinesiology: Re-connecting your body with your brain.

New therapies in the Ajijic area!

Kinesiology (Holistic Kinesiology) is the art of muscle motion which in a non-invasive session, finds and corrects compensations made by our body which cannot adapt to internal/external stimuli. These compensations turn into maladies.

Compensation or misbalance is like a short circuit, an interruption in the communication between our brain and some part of our body.

Kinesiology reestablishes the bioelectrical connection of our brain with the disconnected part of our body.

Kinesiology treats people in their entirety, looking and correcting misbalances instead of pathologies as such. This is accomplished through specific protocols scanning every one of our structural, emotional, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic and subtle systems. 

Try our healing therapies yourself.
Back and muscle problems, nervous system, emotional issues, any ailments.

Kinesiology: Re-connecting your body with your brain.

Appointments in the Ajijic area only Sundays for the moment.

In Guadalajara:
Please write wtmexico@yahoo.com or call 33 16 62 07 10 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

In Ajijic:
Write Elsa Malka: ommalka1940@gmail.com
Ph: 766-0975

For more information of the services we offer, please visit our website (in spanish)


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