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Bill Dollear

Bill DollearBill Dollear

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Bill Dollear wkdollear@comcast.net

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      Just like back in the school days when I waited until the last second to do homework or reports, I waited now. I was supposed to be sending this from Paris, France. It would have been blessed from the writing workshops I was supposed to have been going to. But the blessings remain uncollected in Paris. At the last second I canceled going. Twice, actually. I’m not sure why. Maybe I had too much time to think about everything and simply changed my mind on what could have happened. Maybe I will go next summer. Se la vie.

         On another front (my segue) I had dinner with an ex student and her mother. The student is now 33 years old. She was my student when she was 4 years old. She has changed. But in some ways not. She still has the cutest nose I used to love to gently squeeze. Then she would do the same to mine. We met at a Cuban restaurant. The ex student had just returned from a Cuban trip. And, her mother is half Cuban. So it all came together in a Cuban theme. We had a great night, reminiscing, sharing new stories, insights, etc.

         On a front on the other side, there is something going on called the Blue Whale Challenge. Teenagers challenge themselves to do dangerous things and the challenges become more and more difficult. Some of these have resulted in deaths.

         I want to tell these teens the biggest Blue Whale Challenge is living. You don’t need the final challenge to be some sort of suicide.

         You will get a job eventually. Soon, you will hate that job. You will live for the weekends and any vacation time you may have. It will be dreadful waking up in the morning knowing you must go to this job. When you come home, all you will want to do is eat and sleep. You will not get a restful sleep because you will be tossing and turning and worrying about your job.

         You might get married. I heard about a study recently about marriage. It said that the happiest time in a marriage is the honeymoon. That means you will be spending 10, 20, 30 years going downhill immediately after you are married. All the loving bliss will slowly, or quickly in some cases, be replaced with arguing about the bills. One marriage partner will greet the other with a complaint or informing them about all that is wrong and what needs to be fixed. There are no greetings of love and caring.

         If you are blessed with children the worries and bills accumulate, and do not stop.

         Thus, there is no need for this Blue Whale Challenge. Just go through life.

         That is all I have for now.

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