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Bill Dollear

Bill DollearBill Dollear

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Bill Dollear

(feel free to e-mail me, I love e-mail’s)                             

         We have seen the eclipse and equinox. Or experienced them in some way. As I write this I am in Ohare International airport at the ungodly hour of 4:30AM. That means I was picked up at my home at 3AM, an even more ungodly hour. People in the airport are interesting at this time. I am looking at two nuns in full old time nun regalia. I am hearing an international level of languages.

         Every one with a cough or sneeze has found me. My driver had a fit of allergy sneezes. He was a friendly man and tried to engage in conversation, but it was very difficult to understand him in between coughs, sneezes, etc.  A young teen standing behind me just now aimed his germs at my back. I hope my 34 years of teaching preschoolers who always planned their sneezes right as I was tying their shoes has developed a protection against all this.

         The plane from O’hare in Chicago took off right on time. I had almost an entire section to myself. They put one kid, preteen, in the row behind me. He was traveling unaccompanied, as I was. He received very special attention from the airline hostesses. I did not.

         I anticipated the next two hours would consist of his kicking the seat in front of him and watching it move. And watching my head move. That did not happen. He was actually quiet.

         I had a layover in Fort Lauderdale. That is another true international airport. Many of the employees are either French or Haitian.

         I bought two protein bars. I was flying Spirit Airlines and it is, as it advertises itself, a bare bones airline. The cashier at the airport store spoke English. The store was called Universal, from the Spanish speaking network. I noticed someone asked her a question in Spanish to which she replied, “No hablo ingles,” which means, “I don’t speak English.”

         The second flight flew off right on time also. And, again, I was blessed to have the row to myself. There were two crying babies in competition with one another. They both quit after about 20 minutes into the flight. If they did not quit I was going to join them.

         My DVD player which attaches to my laptop (netbook to be exact and not sound so ancient) would not play. I practiced and played it at home. It won’t play when I need it the most.

         I played chess and let the laptop win. The danger of boredom arrives when one looks at the time. I don’t want to know I have over an hour remaining when I thought I have only ten minutes. I also discovered that when butt pain beckons, moving to another seat does not help.   

         On the positive side I can move from the window to aisle seat and back again. It is a sunny day with small cotton like clouds sprinkled about. At the moment of writing this there is no turbuuuuullllence. Ooops. I wrote that too soon.

         I arrived to a sunny Costa Rica, successfully and safely. On Monday I will be clowning all around San Jose with about 30 other clowns and Patch Adams.

         Maybe I’ll tell them my eclipse joke: All this fuss about the eclipse. I went outside and didn’t see anything.

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