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Bill Dollear

Bill DollearBill Dollear

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Bill Dollear

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Halloween Memories
         Yes, Halloween has passed.  It is now November.  But Halloween memories are here to last.  I will share some, both personal ones and those from my 34 years as an early childhood educator (preschool teacher). 
         Evelyn, if you are reading this, do you remember your Pre-k Halloween and costume?  Evelyn is 35 years old (No she is not!  I just want to see if she is indeed reading this). 
         For a 4 year old, Halloween outranks Christmas.  It is the first major event of the school year.  There were all kinds of complicated costumes:  angles, devils, superheroes, lots of Marios,  Harry Potters, witches, dead brides (that one I never understood, I was told it was from a movie), etc. 
         I wanted to send a note to parents to please have children come dressed in costumes that can be easily removed.  This was for when children had to use the bathroom and there would be no accidents due to taking too long to get the costume off.   But no matter how I worded it, it did not sound right. 
         The day was filled with bags, piñatas, and lots and lots of candy.  Some nutritionist administrator would admonish us at Pre-K meetings for not encouraging healthy snacks.  I always thought, but never voiced, the opinion that it’s only once a year…Let them have Halloween!! 
         A counselor at one school wanted the children to dress in career costumes, what they wanted to be.  I said, save that for a career day.  On Halloween let them be Spiderman. 
         I wanted them all to have fun, and fun they had.
         I have my own Halloween memories.  When I was 21, maybe 22, I dressed up as a Playboy bunny, with ears, a tail, and black leotards and tights.  There might be a picture, somewhere.  I remember one big macho guy staring at me and saying, “That ain’t right.”  A few women said I made them uncomfortable.
         I would take my nieces out trick or treating.  I remember checking the candies and finding all my favorites, Milkways or anything with white chocolate, to be questionable and I had to take them. 
         One year we went trick or treating down our block and almost every home pretended they were not home.  They turned off all their lights and ran to the back of the house. 
         But we found some homes filled with the Halloween spirit and they filled their bags with Halloween joy and candy.
         So Happy Halloween!!!!
         Oh, and……

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