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Bill Dollear

Bill DollearBill Dollear

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Bill Dollear wkdollear@comcast.net

(feel free to e-mail me, I love e-mail’s)                             

We are marching into March. I used to write this on every March classroom newsletter. Then I would plead with parents to pick up their children on time, dress them warmly, read to them, advise them of upcoming events such as field trips or days off from school, list March birthdays, etc.

          So this is a sort of newsletter. I’m writing this in a café, understated and classy (sort of a school reference) in the Cocoyocan area of Mexico City. I am here on a clown trip. It is a very nice area that has Frida Kahlo’s house and Trosky’s house. And a lot more.

          Today I performed magic for about 500 university students at Ibera University in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City. I was a warm up for Patch Adams. There were about 40 of us clowns. One clown was dressed as President Donald Trump. He had a large cup with a sign that said, “Collecting money for the Wall.” It was written in Spanish. He did collect about 5 pesos, which will not even buy a small stone for the president’s wall.

          Maybe he did not say please.

          On Monday we went to a hospital. At the waiting room at the clinic, when a name was announced we cheered and sang and clapped for the person called. It was nice to see them smile and laugh as they went to see a doctor.

          In the end of January and in part of Feb. I was in Costa Rica studying Spanish. The school was very good. I was not in the zip flying beach part of Costa Rica. I did get a tour. We drove by a church and my guide said that it was the second oldest church in Costa Rica. That was a coincidence because we drove in his car which was the second oldest car in Costa Rica.

          He had the original type of GPS: Asking every person on the street where something was.

          In the city I was in, Santo Domigo, Heredia, there is modern art of many street corners. They are poles with flashing colors, red and green. They looking like stop lights but since I was the only person paying any attention to them, I knew they could not be.

          I returned home for about a week then repacked all my clown equipment and then onto Mexico City. It was a great trip. Beautiful area of Mexico City and the weather was perfect.

          This is my third clown trip with Patch Adams. Each trip has been unique. Here in Mexico there are clowns from Russia, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, USA, and one from Chicago. It is a loving, hugging, laughing clowning we are doing.

          And we will keep on doing it.

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