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Alkaline water is water that is neither acidic nor neutral on the pH scale. It is on the alkaline side of the scale. Some believe the benefits of alkaline water are nearly immeasurable -- that it is vital for consistent and continued health. Others say the research on alkaline water is far from conclusive. 

Alkaline water, or ionized water as it is also referred to, has a pH of approximately 8, depending on the brand or the equipment used to alkalize the water. Normal water has a neutral pH, which is the number 7 on the scale. Water, depending on its source, also has the potential to be slightly acidic. 

Alkaline water is said to be of benefit to people's health because it helps neutralize the chemical imbalances of the body, which some believe tend to run too acidic. Further, proponents note that many common foods are also acidic, further upsetting the balance. It is claimed to aid in the treatment of asthma, help hydrate better between cells, help heartburn, reduce indigestion and aid with many other ailments.  Alkaline water can be obtained from a number of different sources. Most commonly, an alkalizer is added to a tap water system, such as a kitchen sink. From there, it can be used for both drinking and cooking. The other alternative is to buy bottled alkaline water. While this may be the more expensive option over time, it is a simple way to get the product quickly.  Some believe that the stated health benefits of alkaline water are overstated, and that it has little to do with stabilizing or reducing acidity in the body. In fact, some argue the stated health benefits are simply a fabrication of those in the industry and are doubtful at best. In short, they are only mentioned in order to make money.    However, note that cancer cannot survive in a pure alkaline state.

dr GeoDr George R Ruwwe BS Engineering, DDS, Lic Paramedical Examiner
(Dr Geo)
Univ Missouri USA DDS
US Naval Academy Annapolis Md. , BSE
Licensed in Mexico
Consultant for Centro Dental, Ajijic Mexico
Columnist for Ajijic News

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