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Yes Men Do Cry

Gripping New Memoir is of Author’s Effort to Heal After Death of Wife



Gary Fish breaks out of the manly veil of silence with his book “Yes, Men Do Cry” to reveal a rare glimpse into a world of shattered dreams and the remaking of a man

AJIJIC, Mexico  – Gary Fish wrote of loss and heartbreak in his diaries for a period of three years.  It followed the death of his first wife Lois and here in his book Yes, Men Do Cry, he follows his own feelings, providing a gripping view in the breakdown of the inner man and its manifestations in the mind.  It follows the splinters of Fish’s shattered dreams into extremities of emotion and, beyond what its title promises, it also chronicles how Fish slowly recalled himself and gathered the pieces back and reformed his life. 

The author’s experience is made more tangible because he addresses his entries to his newly departed wife.  He also takes time to create a history out of a happily married life.  And, as can be gleaned from his work, the profound silence that settled on the author after her death, served only to etch her memory deeper into his mind.  An exercise in literary truthfulness that defies classification, what was, to that author, a private expurgation, eventually loomed as his vehicle for recovery.  It is cinéma vérité more brutal than any camera can make - Yes, Men Do Cry is partly about a man’s heart and soul in extremis – yet, the brutality of emotions in the early entries will eventually give way to a softening and the remaking of a man, supported by the history of an earlier life when Lois was alive.

So here it is, in book form, the moving, poignant man-tale about one man’s efforts to come out of depression.  It offers valuable, first-hand insight into how the mind adjusts, not necessarily accepting things.  Thus, those who might have suffered a parallel experience can only say it is about time moving on – not necessarily healing.  Few men have done this kind of grieving revelation in a book – there has always been a veil of silence, even fiction, over the coping process.  By stepping out of the macho mode and letting the world see his pain, Gary Fish proves that he is the better man for this in his unexpurgated diaries.

About the Author

Gary Fish was born in New Zealand and moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 1974, where he met and married Lois. They had two children, Dallas and Nathan. He remarried after Lois’s death and has now retired to Mexico.

Yes, Men Do Cry * by Gary Fish

A  Journal

The book is available on Amazon  / Paperback and Kindle,

Barnes & Noble and through the Publisher  Xlibris

Yes, Men Do Cry by Gary Fish

The book is available on Amazon  / Paperback and Kindle,

Barnes & Noble and through the Publisher  Xlibris

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