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Mother's Day Serenade in Ajijic

Mothers Day Serenade in Ajijic

 Turn up the Volume, it is very nice.

Mother’s Day, which is always May 10 in Mexico, is somewhat of an unofficial national holiday, as the people lovingly honor their mothers and grandmothers, who are considered saints for their selfless devotion to their children, which seems to produce the happiest kids I’ve ever seen anywhere.  Since most Mexican women over the age of 18 are mothers, there will be many large, family parties and picnics around town.  Many small businesses will be closed and other services may be hard to obtain.

Gringo warning:  It is the Mexican custom for mothers to be serenaded in the middle of the night with very affectionate songs and mananitas by male singers and possibly entire mariachi bands roaming through the streets.  If you live in the village, you might hear some of this.  Whatever you do, don’t complain about the “noise”!  This is an endearing, heartfelt tradition here, so go with the flow.  A local traditional singer told me they have to start in the middle of the night because they have so many homes to go to!

By Micki Wendt

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