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July 26, 2017

Note: For changes contact Karen Schirack at presidentslist@lakechapalasociety.com

Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA): [12/22] https://ajijicart.weebly.com/ Provides local artists an opportunity to meet, demonstrate techniques and organize art shows; and provides assistance to young Mexican artists to learn and show their work.

AA Lakeside: (7/17)
Alcoholic Anonymous group. Meets Monday & Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PM at the Lake Chapala Society.
Ian Frasier 376-766-4990 iandavid81@gmail.

Al-Anon: (7/17) No website or face book
Monday 10AM at Club 12- Men’s meeting
Monday 10:30AM at Little Chapel-Open meeting
Saturday 10 AM at Club 12-Open meeting
Information: Call 376-766-4409, Cell 333-480-7675

Al-Anon (in Spanish): (7/17)
Mondays 6-7:30 & Wednesdays 5:30-7:30. Meets at the Lake Chapala Society.
Ericka Murillo 376-766-1788 erickamurillo2000@yahoo.com.mx

American Legion Auxiliary # 7: [12/22] www.chapalalegionpost7.com
Helps support Tepehua, pets for vets, local veterans and their families.

American Legion Post #7: [7/17] www.chapalalegionpost7.com
Mission is to serve veterans and the local community. Provide support for Los Ninos de Chapala, Programa for Ninos Incapacitados, Have Hammer with a monthly donation. Play a vital role in the Lakeside Assistance Group providing firefighter, medical and rescue assistance equipment to the state of Jalisco firefighters and medical clinics. Support the D.A.R.E. program and a Toy for Tots Christmas drive. Have the sole responsibility to maintain the Expat sections of the Chapala cemetery. Work closely with the U.S. Consulate to help ex pats and local Mexicans with passport and immigration issues.

American Legion #9: (7/17) https://www.facebook.com/groups/118055898269354/
Provides support to Lakeside Assistance, Tepehua Community Center.
Perry King 376-763-5126 pking1931@gmail.com   

Amities Francophones: [7/17]
A social gathering for people speaking French fluently. The group meets the 3rd Saturday of each month at 1:00PM for a potluck and BYOB.
Jill Flyer 331-140-1171 fotoflyer2003@yahoo.com

Axixic Masonic Lodge #31: (7/17] www.facebook.com/AxixicLodgeNo.31
International men’s organization.
Worshipful Master George Bell 376-766-4100 jakeuae@hotmail.com
Secretary: Jim Powers 387-761-0017 jimminap@gmail.com

BRAVO! Theatre [12/22] https://thebravotheatre.com/
Semi-professionsal theatre with live theatre and ongoing adult arts education in dance and theatre.
Jayme Littlejohn 331-045-9627 mymytickets@gmail.com

British Society: [7/17]
Assist the British Community and facilitates the transmission of information with The British Embassy in Mexico. Meetings are the 1st Saturday of the month at Manix restaurant for lunch and speaker.
Sue Morris 376-766-0847 /331-156-0346 ibbocat@gmail.com
Ceri Dando. Consular Agent 333-139-4314

Canadian Club of Lake Chapala [7/17] www.canadianclubmx.com
Club Objectives are: 1. To promote fellowship among Canadians and friends within the Lake Chapala area. 2. To encourage a cultural exchange and foster friendly relations with all residents.
3. To be a centre for providing current Mexican and Canadian Information. 4. The Club shall be non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian

Casa del Lago (Casa de Ancianos) Chapala: [7/17)
Provides support for local area elderly citizens through a residential home in Chapala.
Ana Luisa Maldonado 376-765-2497 adultosdellago@gmail.com

Centro Amor en Acción (Love in Action Center): [12-22] https://loveinactioncenter.org/
Our mission at Love in Action is to provide Christ-centered, holistic care to abandoned, abused, and orphaned children.

Centro de Desarollo Jocotepec, A.C.: [12/22] http://cedejotest.weebly.com/
Improve the quality of life for Lake Chapala families with limited resources through promoting the health and well being of the family. 

Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club: [12/22] www.chapalarotary.org
Participate in activities that will support lakeside residents. Provide assistance to international projects.

CREM: Ajijic Music School [12/22] https://www.facebook.com/people/CREM-Oficial/100064855535613/
For 24 years this school has provided music education to children at lakeside. Students are taught to play an instrument and participate in the orchestra or the choir. There are 43 students and 8 faculty, all university graduates. Scholarships are offered to students from low-income families.
333-496-8976 cremajijic@gmail.com

Cruz Roja Mexicana Delegation Chapala [12/22] https://www.facebook.com/CRMChapala/
Offers clinical, ambulance and other emergency medical services to all Lakeside residents and visitors.
Yolanda [Yoly] Martinez Llamas Consejo President 766-2260 consejochapala@gmail.com

Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic: [12/22] www.ajijiccasa.org
Provides CASA members, Associates and guests a monthly forum to share foods, learn new preparation techniques, stimulate culinary ideas, meet new people and enjoy the world of food: in a competitive atmosphere that encourages creativity and rewards excellence. CASAlakeside@yhoo.com

DAR Thomas Paine Chapter, Chapala: [12/22] www.dar.org
Provide tuition, books and other materials to send children to school.

Democrats Abroad Mexico/ Lake Chapala Chapter: [12/22] www.democratsabroad.org
Official arm of the Democratic Party of the United States, working as a state party for US citizens living abroad. The mission is to represent and serve American citizens living outside the United States who support the principles of the Democratic Party. In pursuit of the mission 1) assist Americans living abroad to vote in US elections, inform them of their voting rights & procedures, encourage participation in the political process. 2) protect & enhance the right to vote for Americans abroad. 3) increase the awareness & responsiveness of US representatives and officials to the concerns of Americans living abroad. 4) grow & develop Democrats Abroad by encouraging participation in county committees, chapters, and at the global level. 5) work with Democratic Party organizations to achieve our goals. 6) help to elect Democrats in US elections.

El Corazon Creativo (The Creative Heart) [7/17] www.elcorazoncreativo.com
To empower the community by providing the tools, materials, training, a work space and a retail space to those with limited resources to create and sell items with minimum financial outlay. This is a regular shop for all women.
Mary Ellen Rushworth, English 376-766-0496 mer@elcorazoncreativo.com
Mony Angulo, Spanish mony@elcorazoncreativo.com

Escuela Para Ninos Especiales (School for Special Children) [12/22] www.schoolforspecialchildren.org
The mission is to improve the educational opportunities for children with a wide variety of disabilities and in doing so, increase the probability that they might enjoy a brighter future. Mission is accomplished through provision of a clean, safe physical environment and improved nutrition during the school day. Working closely with the Mexican school board and teachers, we help support the educational programs for the children, young adults and families. 387-763-0843

Feria Maestros del Arte: [12/22] www.feriamaestros.com 
To preserve and promote Mexican indigenous and folk art. We help preserve these art forms and the culture that produces them by providing the artists a venue to sell their work to galleries, collectors, and museums. In collaboration with Mexican government agencies, we promote regional and international awareness to the plight of these endangered arts.

Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities: [12/22] www.lakechapalacharities.org
The prime purpose is to attract money for the charities around Lake Chapala, Mexico and to allow those who donate to claim U.S. tax deductions for their gifts to those charities. The Foundation will also accept “endowments” and “memorial support” for any of the charities and will provide free Mexican legal assistance in setting up those endowments and memorials.
376-766-2606 or cell 331-260-7123 Admin@LakeChapalaCharities.org

German Club: [7/17]
Provides social opportunities for German-speaking residents. The group meets 2nd Thursday for lunch at 1PM in Los Telares. One does not have to be German but must speak German.
Javier Aguilera 387-761-0777 javier.aguilera@mudanai.com

Hash House Harriers: [7/17]
International running group with local chapter walks on Saturday morning, 8:30 AM, La Nueva Posada Hotel with goals of getting exercise, having fun, and enjoying breakfast.
Denny Strole 376-766-0485 dstrole@gmail.com

Hope House: [7/17] www.hopehousemx.org
The Hope House is a safe shelter for boys ages 8 to 18. Our vision is to develop character, provide love and impart tools to be a successful part of society.
Rodney Drutos 376-762-0032 admin@hopehousemx.org

Have Hammer Will Travel: [12/22] www.havehammer.com
The mission is to provide learning and social experiences within a safe, supportive environment so that our students acquire: basic woodworking skills for exploration of career pathways (Level 1: ages 10-14) intermediate woodworking skills for entry-level employment (Level 2: ages 15+) advanced woodworking skills for professional employment, incl. coops (Level 3: ages 21+) skills to maintain a well equipped woodworking shop
Office 376-766-4830

Jaltepec Centro Educativo (formerly Centro de Formacion Jaltepec): [12/22] www.jaltepec.edu.mx
A Tecnico Universario en Holteleria, providing education in hotel & hospitality management and an entrepreneurial program. 387-763-1781 info@jaltepec.edu.mx

Lake Assistance (7/17) www.facebook.com/ LAG
Importing equipment for firefighters and police and to distribute around the lakeside fire departments.
John Kelly 331-758-0676 jkelly203@gmail.com

Lake Chapala Birders [12/22] www.chapalabirders.org
Encourages bird watching; organizes bird walks, bird trips and the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.
John & Rosemary Keeling 376-766-1801 chapalabirders@yahoo.com

Lake Chapala Garden Club: [12/22] www.lakechapalagardenclub.org
Promotes an interest, appreciation and better understanding of botanical subjects including but not limited to all plant materials, their care and use in the home and garden. Meetings explore the many garden species and practices unique to this area of Mexico. Open to all interested in gardens and their care. Supports lakeside organizations with beautification and educational projects.

Lake Chapala Genealogy Forum (7/17]
A group of family historians meeting once a month to share ideas, methodologies and topics of interest for genealogy enthusiasts. Meetings are the last Monday of the month at the LDS Church and Family Center in Riberas del Pilar. Marci Bowman marci452@yahoo.com

Lake Chapala Shrine Club: [12/22] www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org & www.shrinersinternational.org
www.facebook.com /pages/Lake-Chapala-Shrine-Club/757185090966972
Physical examination of lakeside children to determine if they qualify for treatment locally or by Family trips to the Mexico City Shrine Hospital the cost of which is financed by frequent Fundraisers such as Dine With the Shrine, Rib fest and tax deductible donations.
David Eccles, President 331-017-1724 davideccles@hotmail.com
Perry M. King 376-763-5126 pking1931@gmail.com

Lake Chapala Society A.C.: [12/22] www.lakechapalasociety.com
The mission is to promote the active participation of Lakesides’ inhabitants to improve their quality of life. By making this commitment we signal to the community that our focus is based not just on ex-patriots, but everyone living at lakeside. For the Mexican community, provides English as a second language, remedial tutoring, student financial aid, Wilkes Education Center and Biblioteca at Galeana #18 and free medical checks.

Lake Chapala Society Children’s Art Program: [12/22] www.lakechapalasociety.com
"A visual arts program free for all lakeside community children aged 3 to 17 that provides them an opportunity to explore their creativity. A Neill James legacy program that began in 1954."

Lake Chapala Society Student Aid Fund: [12/22] www.lakechapalasociety.com
Provides financial support to qualified area students to enroll in university, vocational and high school programs.

Lake Chapala Society Wilkes Education Center (Biblioteca Publica): [12/22] www.lakechapalasociety.com
Provides classes in language and other topics for both Anglo and Mexican community

Lakeside Friends of the Animals, A.C.: (12/22) https://lfachapala.wixsite.com/
Provide funding for spay/neuters, emergency care and operations for pets of Mexican nationals of limited means. Assists in providing humane education programs in the local schools, and fund a feline leukemia testing program. Operate the pet store/shelter in Riberas del Pilar.

Lakeside Garden Guild: [12/22] www.gardenguild.weebly.com
Limited membership gardening group promoting the interest in the development of local gardens with an accent on the exotic species available in central Mexico. Presents annual Floral Design Show, supports local projects for community improvement and beautification such as Wipe Out Graffiti project in Ajijic.

Lakeside Little Theatre A.C.: [12/22] www.lakesidelittletheatre.com
To provide theatrical entertainment to the residents and visitors of the Lakeside community: to nurture and develop existing and new talent in every aspect of the performing arts and technical support areas: and to maintain and preserve the theatre facility and properties.
Tickets: tickets@lakesidelittletheatre.com 376-766-0954 lakesidelittletheatre@gmail.com

Lakeside Spay and Neuter Ranch & Adoptions,A.C. [12/22] or Chapala Ranch https://www.theranchchapala.com/  Provides shelter and helps curtail the over-population of animals.Syd Sullins 376-766-1411 or 331-270-4447 adoptaranchdog@outlook.com

Lakeside Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation: [7/17]
Promotes the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, trees and plants around Lake Chapala. 376-765-4916

Lakeside Youth Philharmonic Orchestra: [7/17] orquestainfantildechapala.mx
Golden Strings of Lake Chapala, A.C., training disadvantaged kids between the ages of 8 and 18 years who want to learn a musical instrument with the possibility of becoming a member of the “Lakeside Youth Philharmonic Orchestra”.
Coco Wonchee 333-200-5563 soco.wonchee@gmail.com

La Ola/Casa Hogar, A.C.: [12/22] www.laolacasahogar.org
La Ola Casa Hogar is a children’s shelter located in Jocotepec, Mexico, about 25 minutes outside of Guadalajara. We are an interfaith children’s ministry. Our scope is more than that of an orphanage in that we care for abandoned and abused children as well as orphans. We opened in January 2010 and are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We currently provide shelter, food, clothing, education, English instruction and other extracurricular activities. We offer medical, dental and psychological services, most of which are provided through the generosity of local health care professionals. La Ola means “The Wave” in Spanish. It signifies that this shelter is covering our children with a wave of God’s love.
376-688-1005 laola@laolacasahogar.org
Becky Plinke 332-312-7756 bgnickel@yahoo.com

Los Cantantes del Lago: [12/22] www.loscantantesdellago.com
A community choir striving that is for artistic excellence in choral singing. We encourage members to improve their vocal skills and to work continually toward greater skill through rhythmic and note training in order to become more literate musicians. Our principal objectives are the support of young musicians, the performance of works of Mexican composers, and sharing our music with the Mexican community.

Los Niños de Chapala & Ajijic A.C. (NCA): [12/22] www.lakesideninos.org
Provides financial support for the educational, nutritional and social development of local area children.
Office 376-765-7032 info@lakesideninos.org

Lucky Dog: [12/22] https://www.facebook.com/LuckyDogLakeChapala
To provide shelter to rescue dogs, socialize them and restore them to health, and adopt them out to good homes. To work with other animal organizations to promote spay and neuter.
331-300-7144 luckydogchapala@yahoo.com

Mariposa Project: Butterflies en Mexico 7/17) www.gomariposa.org
Objectives: Provide options for how youth can make sustainable changes and provide opportunities for change.
Mac Whyte 387-761-0360 ravensmac@gmail.com
Mexican Association to Empower Women for Family Integration, AMSIF: (7/17] amsif.org.mx To work with the poor, mainly women, to transform the family values in the community. Educate women so they can have a critical mind and thus liberate themselves and become agents of change through a liberated and integral education. A method of education used where they can “see, judge, and act”.

Mexican National Chili Cookoff: [12/22] www.mexicannationalchilicookoff.com
Organize a Mexican National Cook Off providing a carnival for residents of Lakeside and Guadalajara and thereby raises charitable funds ($20,000 pesos per group) for ten Lakeside IJAS approved charities.

Mision de San Pablo (Xtlahuacan de los Membrillos): (7/17)
Supports feeding, clothing, health improvement, improved accommodations, and educational support to 50 orphans whose parents and/or guardians have perished or become debilitated by AIDS.
Marian Mendes 331-301-2325

Naked Stage: [12/22] https://www.facebook.com/onlyreading/
Hidalgo #261 in Riberas del Pilar Information: nakedstagereservations@gmail.com

Niños Incapacitados del Lago, A.C. : [7/17 www.programaninos.com
A non-profit, all-volunteer organization that helps low-income Mexican families pay medical expenses for their children with disabling or life-threatening illnesses.
Dave Pike, President 376-765- 3137 info@programaninos.com

“No Graffiti Ajijic” Group: (7/17}
Group of residents, who remove and cover graffiti. Paint donations appreciated. Contact with details.
Email Dan Houck with graffiti reports.
Dan Houck 376-766-3225 houck1022@gmail.com

Northern Lights Music Festival: [7/17)
Provides young talented Canadian artists exposure and experience on the international concert stage and provides the community with a wide range of classical music venues including concerts and demonstrations to young Mexican students and musicians through an annual music festival.

NSDAR Chapala Thomas Paine Chapter [12/22] www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mextpdar/thomaspainedar/
Goal is to make education available to deserving students and to help the community. Contribute to scholarships for in the Technical School and students in Ninos de Chapala. Contribute to Hammer Hammer Will Travel and to Needle Pushers and the Lake Chapala Society Wilkes Education Center.
Lorene Fields 376-766-1658 ltfields@hotmail.com

Open Circle [12/22] www.opencircleajijic.org
Provide a supportive environment for social interactions. Presentations span a wide range of intellectual, cultural, physical and spiritual topics.

Operacion Amor: [12/22] www.facebook.com/chapala.operacionamor
Our mission is to provide free spay/neuter services for cats and dogs of persons of limited means in the greater Chapala area. 

Operation Compassion Ministries: [7/17]
Feeding the hungry a comida meal in San Antonio, Monday to Saturday at Jesus Garcia #4.
Tom Music 331-547-2726 tmusic3856@yahoo.com

Operation Feed: [12/22] https://www.operationfeedsjc.com/
Our mission is to increase self-sufficiency by providing weekly despensas and supporting other educational and income opportunities for people of limited resources in San Juan Cosala.

Overeaters Anonymous: (7/17) www.OA.org
Monday 12PM and Thursday 10:15AM

Lakeside Little Chapel, Carretera Ajijic-Chapala (next to Chula Vista Country Club)
Information: 376-106-1199

Rotary Club of Ajijic: [12/22] www.rotaryajijic.org
Within the community and Rotary International, The Rotary Club of Ajijic serves as a model providing humanitarian serviced to others while maintaining high ethical standards. Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today’s most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment illiteracy, and violence. They also support programs for youth, and for educational opportunities.

Royal Canadian Legion: [7/17] http://royalcanadianlegionchapala.org
To provide assistance to veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, including veterans of Commonwealth Forces and, in some instances, U.S. veterans and Mexican veterans living in the Lakeside area. Being a Legion member is not required for assistance to veterans who meet the criteria. This is done through our Poppy Fund Campaign. To support the local community by providing money and assistance to specific projects as designated by our members. Our specific charity is El Corazon del Anciano, A.C., a residence and drop-in centre for seniors.
John Kelly 331-758-0676 jkelly203@gmail.com

Sons of the American Revolution, Mexican Society: (7/17]
Lineal descent from a Patriot of the American Revolution, not necessarily a soldier.
Kenneth Loridans 376-766-2981 SoTouch@prodigy.net.mx

St. Andrew’s Outreach Program: [7/17] www.standrewsriberas.com
Provides financial support to selected local charities from activities organized through this Anglican Church parish at Lakeside. 376-765-3926
Laura Foster, Outreach Information foster312@earthlink.net

Tepehua Centro Comunitario, A.C. [12/22] http://tepehua.org/
A center helping a village through education, counseling and social functions.
President: Moonyeen King 376-763-5126 moonie1935@yahoo.com

Toastmasters (7/17)
Weekly meeting of bilingual Lake Chapala Toastmasters. Open to all interested in learning public speaking.
Tim Schubert 376-766-0920 revdoctimothy@gmail.com

U.S.A. Thinking Team (11/17)
Our office has been in Ajijic for 12 years. We are supported by Grandparents For A Better World. Support programs for charitable organizations in Ajijic include concerts with That's Entertainment, speakers and radio show.

UVA [University & Vocational Assistance] Scholarship Fund, A.C.: [12/22] www.uvalakeside.org
Founded in 1976, provide university/technical scholarship assistance to qualified Lakeside students. Monitor and verify the recipients’ qualifications for scholarship assistance (maintain a GPA of 8.5 or better each semester). Assure that 100% of donations for students are distributed to students. Operate as an independent charity and cease to exist if and when support of the charity no longer exists.
Sue Torres 376-766-2932 mst0414@hotmail.com

Villa Infantil Orphanage: [7/17) www.villainfantil.com.mx
Facebook: Villa Infantil Guadalupe y San Jose

Provides care and financial support for 30 children under the care of the Catholic Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Joseph. info.villainfantil@gmail.com

Veggie Growers Club: (7/17)
Discussions on problems with growing vegetables at lakeside, local pests and how to treat them, compostingand all matters related to growing vegetables.

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