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What Grows in March

March is still cool at night and can be windy, with no rain until mid-June. It's beginning to be hot in the afternoons. You will find iris, lantana, daylilies, gerberas, lobelia and acanthus at the viveros, as well as many more year 'round blooming plants. Those glorious purple trees that are in bloom now are Jacarandas. The seeds of flowers that do best in the hot, dry season, such as calendulas and salvias, should be in. New Zealand spinach does so well you can almost watch it grow. It has a very earthy taste. Start begonias, impatiens, periwinkle, rock cress and passion flower vine. Cut snapdragons back sharply after blooming and new growth will appear. Remember to water well after you fertilize. If you are using a liquid fertilizer, such as Miracle-gro or MirAcid (for acid loving plants) use 15 ml. (1 tablespoon) per 4 I. (1 gal.) of water, every two weeks. Mist fuchsias and orchids regularly.

Original Article from the Lake Chapala Garden Club site


The Jacaranda trees are beginning to bloom now at the end of February, although just for a short period, they are gorgeous.

So how do you pronouce this tree? ( the J is pronounced like an H )
Jacaranda (which includes Blue Jacarandas) has 18 species and is found in western South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

They belong to the Bignoniaceae family, growing 5-15 meters high, and have bipinnate leaves and panicles (A branched cluster of flowers arranged singly along an elongated unbranched axis, as in the lily of the valley.. ) of showy blue or purple flowers.

There is a myth that says “if a flower from a Jacaranda tree drops on your head, you will pass all your exams” but ‘not a myth’, if the flowers drop in your pool, they will clog the filter.

The branches arch, making this a good choice to produce a canopy and makes a nice street tree.
The jacaranda is drought tolerant which makes it a great tree for Ajijic..

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