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Core Training w/Jaime Bariery

Personal Core Training


Jaime Barbiery

My session concentrates on your core abdominal muscles .I will show you simple, yet gentle and effective exercises for you that strengthen your balance abilities, focusing on being centered and straightened back posture.

Your core abdominals are the center of your mobility and flexibility. Core abdominal muscle groups are used routinely in every day activities - driving, walking, lifting, swiveling, and even dancing!

Having strong core abdominal muscles will let you be more active, healthier, and able to accomplish more in your overall exercise routine and in you’re daily life.

The research I have done indicates that as we age, the core muscles, the stomach, obliques and lower back, are going to support our upper body.  My easy yet effective sessions will strengthen these important core abdominal muscles. If using the services of a nutritionist, these exercises will greatly affect your waist.

Using lightweights, Pilates balls, non-strenuous exercises and other equipment, we will work as a team to ensure you reach your goals.

Please see my  video for a sample of  my core exercise examples practiced:


$150 pesos

1 hour one on one session

in my home in Chapala Centro.

Email: jbarbiery@yahoo.com

Casa 766 3860

Cell 333 474 1192

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